Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Vendors

I certainly don't think I have the corner on the market--but I get a lot of folks asking about vendors and items we use!

So, I decided I would keep it all documented online so that I would have a place to refer ya'll to. And in case I forget ;).

1. Gotprint.com--Printing for our postcards & labels--Fast & Inexpensive & allows you to do a little of the designing or upload an image from a graphic artist.
2. Acme Display--Where I got my awesome hangers. While I'm a fan of creating displays out of existing items (furniture, serving trays, etc)--they have everything from mannequins to jewelry displays.
3. Thecutestsiteontheblock.com. I haven't used them yet--but they also look inexpensive, quick & easy.
4. Imonggo.com--Our Online POS system--Still be determined on it's uses.
5. cocodot.com--haven't used this either--but it looks like a great online invitation site--like an upgraded Evite. Definitely plan to use for trunk shows, etc.

We will keep you posted as we add more items!

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