Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm doing it!!

O.k...sooo hear is the skinny..

~I originally started as Sweet Tee Couture in appx 2006
~I was sued for trademark infringement in 2008
~I went to work for Dillard's as an accessories buyer in October 2008.
~I left Dillard's in August 2009.
~I continued the use of the name Sweet Tee Couture until--well, today..
~I decided to create a new type of brand to use at shows "the blue lark"
~I decided to create my own accessories line "lark"
~~I was asked to have a "store" within a store in Oxford, MS in April.

I turned it down originally, but decided that fear was the only thing holding me back, sooooo..

~~~~~~~~~~I'm doing it!!~~~~~~~~~~~

~I will arrive in Oxford, Mississippi the first of August and be located inside Ellie James Boutique on the Oxford square.
~I will also continue to do the Holiday Show Circuit beginning in September!

The rest is still unwritten....

xo, Lark

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