Sunday, August 15, 2010

Buzz Words & Colors for Fall 2010

So, my bff and I just returned from LA. We spent hours shopping in Orange County, Downtown LA, Robertson Blvd, etc. We made a joke out of how many times we could say certain words. Ie: wedges. Each store donned the following items very consistently & heavily.

~~Boots, of all kinds
~~Nude--the color ;)
~~Boyfriend Cardigans & Boyfriend Watches
~~Skinny Jeans
~~Bold Accessories
~~Off the shoulder
~~One Shoulder Dresses
~~Dresses in general

I would also say that the attached colors were very consistent with what we saw shopping and at market!! Hope this helps with your back to school shopping!! xo, Lark P.S. You can find a lot of these items @ the blue lark at Ellie James on the square in Oxford, Mississippi!! =)

Monday, August 2, 2010

the blue lark

what is "the blue lark"?: We are a "store" located inside of a "store", Ellie James Boutique on the square in Oxford, Mississippi. It really is the new thing...and even if it isn't Ellie James and I (Larkin) are certain it will be ;). We will continue to do trunk shows and holiday shows throughout the Fall & Spring.

what do we sell?: When friends visit the blue lark they will find that our boutique has an eclectic assortment of jewelry, gifts, tees, and a few home accessories that reflect the most fashionable styles and desired items THIS season. Very few of our items are "branded" items. Affordable prices to our every day consumer is our primary goal in selecting our wares.

why "the blue lark"?: One of my best friends, Chris Blue, and I have spent countless hours dreaming, planning and even going on buying trips to open our pretend store-the blue lark! So, when opportunity came and forced me to change my name and direction of business, I asked her for her blessing in using the name. The irony of it all, Chris is living my dream (wife and mom to 5 gorgeous children), and I am running with her dream (a store). The name is a combination of her last name and my first name.

why oxford, mississippi?: Why not? =) The long and short of it is, I did a festival in Oxford called Double Decker last spring with my friend Ellen. The funny thing is, the weekend was absolutely terrible--tornado warnings, terrible thunderstorm, festival put off by a day, etc. But the people I met over that weekend were sooo kind. One in particular. Lacey Franklin, the owner of Ellie James. You know when you just meet someone and it's just "easy". We joked and laughed about how much fun it would be if I came and rented out part of her space! Never actually really thinking it would actually happen. Well, one day in May when I was at the crossroads trying to figure out my "next steps"--I thought "why not?". After all, have you seen this little town? Adorable!

The rest is still unwritten.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Collegiate Couture

For all my college football fans out there--these are for you!

They are only $28.00 this season...

Mississippi (Ole Miss), Arkansas & Tennessee available.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is a project in the making...something I've desired to do for a long time! I want to have my own line of "stuff". Starting with a few basics (jewelry) this fall, but hope to gravitate back into the apparel world soon!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~~rings are definitely the all the rage~~

Ring in the fall with some of these must have oversized bling of rings.

They can literally make a whole outfit and prices range from $12-$28.

Monday, July 19, 2010

bracelets, bracelets, bracelets

Whether they are elastic, metal cuffs, leather, or beaded---something on the wrist is a must!! Here are just a few items we will be carrying this fall...

At prices from $10-$38--you won't want to pass these by!

::the technology of it all~~is it worth it?::

I consider myself a fairly organized, administrative individual that LOVES details!!

But in preparing to have the greatest 4th quarter EVER---I have decided to plan out the rest of the year in all my tasks, items needed, etc. In doing so--here are just a few things that I have had to set up or change over the last few days.

Let me just mention, that this time--I have no excessive funding--so I'm doing everything myself!!

1. Bank Account (s)
2. CC Processing Information
3. Blog--THIS BLOG
4. Buy the domain
5. Set up email for the blue
6. Transfer domain for domain to THIS BLOG until I find the time to create a website.
7. New Facebook Account, Need to beg my old Sweet Tee fans to "like" The Blue Lark.
8. New Twitter Account--and it MUST be linked to the above.
9. Imonggo-Online POS System. It's basically free.
10. Researched a POS Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer that is compatible with my Mac.
11. Design & Create postcards & stickers and send to (very cool, inexpensive printing site).

I won't mention all the things I STILL have to do.

O.k...I'm sure you are very bored in reading this if you even made it this far--however; there is a lot more that goes into "the blue lark" than meets the eye!

I would like to add that I am doing it all with a grateful and joyful heart that I get to do what I do!

xo, Lark

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm doing it!!

O.k...sooo hear is the skinny..

~I originally started as Sweet Tee Couture in appx 2006
~I was sued for trademark infringement in 2008
~I went to work for Dillard's as an accessories buyer in October 2008.
~I left Dillard's in August 2009.
~I continued the use of the name Sweet Tee Couture until--well, today..
~I decided to create a new type of brand to use at shows "the blue lark"
~I decided to create my own accessories line "lark"
~~I was asked to have a "store" within a store in Oxford, MS in April.

I turned it down originally, but decided that fear was the only thing holding me back, sooooo..

~~~~~~~~~~I'm doing it!!~~~~~~~~~~~

~I will arrive in Oxford, Mississippi the first of August and be located inside Ellie James Boutique on the Oxford square.
~I will also continue to do the Holiday Show Circuit beginning in September!

The rest is still unwritten....

xo, Lark

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Vendors

I certainly don't think I have the corner on the market--but I get a lot of folks asking about vendors and items we use!

So, I decided I would keep it all documented online so that I would have a place to refer ya'll to. And in case I forget ;).

1. for our postcards & labels--Fast & Inexpensive & allows you to do a little of the designing or upload an image from a graphic artist.
2. Acme Display--Where I got my awesome hangers. While I'm a fan of creating displays out of existing items (furniture, serving trays, etc)--they have everything from mannequins to jewelry displays.
3. I haven't used them yet--but they also look inexpensive, quick & easy.
4. Online POS system--Still be determined on it's uses.
5.'t used this either--but it looks like a great online invitation site--like an upgraded Evite. Definitely plan to use for trunk shows, etc.

We will keep you posted as we add more items!