Monday, July 19, 2010

::the technology of it all~~is it worth it?::

I consider myself a fairly organized, administrative individual that LOVES details!!

But in preparing to have the greatest 4th quarter EVER---I have decided to plan out the rest of the year in all my tasks, items needed, etc. In doing so--here are just a few things that I have had to set up or change over the last few days.

Let me just mention, that this time--I have no excessive funding--so I'm doing everything myself!!

1. Bank Account (s)
2. CC Processing Information
3. Blog--THIS BLOG
4. Buy the domain
5. Set up email for the blue
6. Transfer domain for domain to THIS BLOG until I find the time to create a website.
7. New Facebook Account, Need to beg my old Sweet Tee fans to "like" The Blue Lark.
8. New Twitter Account--and it MUST be linked to the above.
9. Imonggo-Online POS System. It's basically free.
10. Researched a POS Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer that is compatible with my Mac.
11. Design & Create postcards & stickers and send to (very cool, inexpensive printing site).

I won't mention all the things I STILL have to do.

O.k...I'm sure you are very bored in reading this if you even made it this far--however; there is a lot more that goes into "the blue lark" than meets the eye!

I would like to add that I am doing it all with a grateful and joyful heart that I get to do what I do!

xo, Lark

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